Cancer researcher: is he a fallen hero?

What makes a hero? And how does a hero tarnish his shiny medal of heroism? Within the world of curing cancer without doing harm there is a scientist Dr. Burzynski who through his inevitable war against the FDA has allowed for pride or stubbornness his medal to tarnish. What I ask, what is more important; curing cancer or fighting Goliath without a stone in hand? A media statement released in June 2014 stated the release of the FDA lifting their hold on stage 2 clinical trials to allow Stage 3 clinical trials. They will only be able to use the antineoplaston on those patients with Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma; with certain criteria being met.

I stood by Burzynski in the early years but as of late I am disappointed at how many believe in him and the Burzynski Institute only to discover, as I personally did, if you do not meet the criteria, you get chemotherapy and radiation, like anywhere else, and pay a high price in consultation fees to discover that. The Institute is nothing more than a typical cancer center under the guise of being run by a wonderful doctor that dreamt he could cross the Rubicon and conquer the enemy; but the enemy being stronger have battled him into an illusional corner where compromise is touted as a win. The FDA is going through the motions of testing the antineoplaston but along the way delays made way to years of the Institute converting to conventional methods, strict FDA criteria furthered the use of chemotherapy and radiation diluting Burzynski’s image as the crusader for do not harm treatment of cancer. Creating a cult like following, supporters of Burzynski still believe the miracle cure will be released to the world.

As a strong proponent in curing cancer without harm and realist; accepting that the Commercial Medical Industry controls all aspects of disease care and if one does not want to be part of it they need only to step away with no confrontation, to where we can safely exercise our ability to cure without harm. If Burzynski, believed as I, he would have moved to Mexico and would have been curing cancer for twenty years. Jesicha’s Hope lives within this space of cause to cure healing; either you continue to stand on ground you will never win on or truly cross the Rubicon where curing is an everyday occurrence.

Do you want to learn about cause to cure for yourself or a loved one? Ready to cure with proven alternative cancer treatments doing no harm? Jesicha’s Hope team members are always ready to take you across the Rubicon where healing and cures occur.

Links of Reference:

“Crossing the Rubicon” definition: To cross the Rubicon means to take an irrevocable step that commits one to a specific course. When Caesar was about to cross he quoted from a play by Menander to say “let the die be cast.”—phase-3-clinical-study-agreed-upon-264290071.htm

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